What kind of deposit do you require?

We require 50% down on most orders with the rest due at pickup or installation.

If I bring my logo on a CD or USB what format works best?

Depending on your needs and the design of the sign, many formats are viable. The best format is a vectorized eps or ai file. We will work with you for the best format for your sign.

Can you make a sign from a digital photograph?

Yes, definitely in a digital format, not scanned! The better quality the photograph, the better your digital image will turn out! We can also work with photos of the signage you need to recreate something unique for you.

I see many vehicles that are completely covered in advertising, can Signarama/Raleigh provide this service?

Yes, depending on what you want! There is a vehicle graphic design to fit in every budget. The best thing to do is have one of our designers measure your vehicle and let us develop a proof and price.

If I have special color matching requirements, or need to have my letterhead and business cards matched can Signarama/Raleigh meet my needs?

Yes. Depending on the type of sign and it’s uses, we can match according to your needs. Colors on different types of sign materials can look different but we can find the one you like. There may be a charge for re-creating logos and other elements of your sign.

Do I need a permit for my sign?

You may or may not. We will find out exactly what you need and help attain the sign/electrical permit(s) before the sign is designed. This will save you from having a sign that does not meet the sign critieria for your location. There are some types of signs that require no permits. Just ask!

If I am getting a sign installed on my vehicle, how long will my car/truck/van be out of service?

Most vehicles can be lettered in one business day. We will need it to come in dry first thing in the morning and be clean with no wax.

Can my sign be delivered?

Yes, we can deliver your signs for a small fee.

Does Signarama/Raleigh create trade show booths and graphics?

Yes. We can customize them, or sell you pre-fabricated booths, along with banners, retractable banners and other signage.

What is the largest sign I could order from Signarama/Raleigh?

There are no signs too large or too small for us! Let us show you the our gallery of sign projects and you can see that if it is a sign, we can make it. We can handle it from planning, production to installation.

Does my business need a sign?

A business without a sign is a sign of no business. Don’t forget to plan for one of the most important parts of your business! The earlier in the process the better.